Lennox® Packaged Systems

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Maximize your backyard in with a Lennox packaged system in Columbia, Mississippi.

These compact comfort models are installed outside, giving additional space for homes with no basement or small yard space.

Packaged systems can adapt to your home. You can equip them on your rooftop or next to your home’s walls, and select from an assortment of models, like gas/electric, electric/electric, heat pump and dual fuel.

Many systems are ENERGY STAR® certified, helping you save more on utility payments no matter the season. And a variety of equipment can be equipped with Lennox Healthy Climate®. This air purification option gets rid of particulates, bioaerosols and volatile organic compounds, creating healthier air you can experience.

No matter where you install your dual Lennox system, it is built standard with a specific fan to muffle vibrations and diminish operating noise. Plus, you can be confident when you recognize it’s produced from resilient materials that will give you reliable comfort for time down the road.

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3 Advantages of Going With a Packaged HVAC System

Lennox Package System
A packaged unit comes with a selection of advantages, such as:
  1. Doesn’t take up indoor space—Heating and cooling systems can eat up a ton of space in your place, specifically if you don’t have a cellar or large backyard. A packaged unit can be installed on your roof, freeing up more space indoors and outdoors.
  2. Better energy efficiency—With a dual-fuel unit, you won’t have to worry about when you need to use electricity or gas to warm up your place. Your equipment will cover that for you, helping you save more on electricity costs. Plus, select systems are ENERGY STAR® approved, which can keep your family comfier while keeping utility bills low.
  3. Simple access during visits—An all-in-one unit makes it uncomplicated for our certified pros to maintain or restore heating and cooling portions.

We’ll Help You Find the Proper Combined System for Your Home

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